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Kiplinger’s The Best List! We made it!

No Dual Agency  In the recent Best Personal Finance Products and Services of 2015, Kiplinger lists Exclusive Buyer Agents as the Best resource for Buyer or Selling a Home!  Associate Editor Pat Mertz Esswein, recommends hiring a member of NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, who represent only buyers and don’t list homes for sale.  Stating, “They are fonts of well-grounded, strategic advice and among my best sources.”

While there are some who call themselves Exclusive Buyer Agents, unless they work with a Buyers only agency that does not list properties, they are not giving you the full story and misleading potential buyers.  Ask if your EBA is a NAEBA member, that is how to weed out the imposters.

Although EBA’s don’t list properties, they are a resource for networking with exemplary listing agents.  During transactions we discover who is the most ethical and responsive agent and which ones we prefer never to work with again.  As resources for other information around home buying and home ownership, we also keep a roster of agents we would most like to refer to our buyers who need to list their homes.

Since Buyers have questions on all manner of issues surrounding a purchase, connecting with EBA’s ensures you are getting properly vetted information around mortgage lending, inspections, updating your home and even resources for staging and other professionals.

The article suggests Sellers who wish to save on agent’s sales commissions visit to check out flat fee and a la carte packages that might serve your needs best.  Negotiating with Sellers Agents after consulting with an EBA and NAEBA member is the best way to get started on your next home.

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