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How to find an Exclusive Buyer Agent and Avoid Dual Agency!

How can you be sure you’re getting the best representation as a buyer? The only way is to use the Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, one that is totally free of listings and works for a brokerage that is totally free of listings.  Without that designation you are getting an imposter, an agent who works for a brokerage that lists property but calls him or herself a buyers agent.  NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, has cautioned buyers against a growing number of fraudulent agents who call themselves Exclusive Buyer Agents who work for traditional listing brokerages.

These non-exclusive buyer agents do not communicate all the dangers of Dual Agency that buyers risk when signing a contract with them.  Would you ask the opponent’s attorney to represent you in a court case?

No, you would never hire the same attorney as your opponent, it would be foolhardy, so why would you risk the same brokerage working both the seller and buyer side?  It’s a lose-lose situation for both buyer and seller as they both lose disclosure of information that could have helped them financially.

Dual Agency is something that you risk when you use a traditional agency, and often the agent will not give you the full explanation of dual agency and it’s dangers to you as a buyer.  Dual Agency minimizes your disclosure and in some cases cancels any disclosure you might have had from the agent regarding the seller, the property and other information that could have helped you make an informed decision and sometimes saved you money.  Often thousands of dollars.

Our goal at Buyers Real Estate Group is to save our Buyers money, we are in business to inform and safeguard our buyers and search out the best lenders, inspectors, and contractors for services possible to assist our buyers to enjoy a safe and healthy home for years to come.  We pride ourselves on exploring all potential issues and ensuring the safety and well being of your future home.

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