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A Journey to Buying a Home in the Twin Cities

20150913_163849 Whether you are building a new home or searching for an existing home, Buyers are often very clear about their priorities, especially before physically visiting their first property with an Exclusive Buyer Agent, as they have spent some time researching online and believe they have a good feel for what they are looking for in a new home.  And then they go out looking at the real options which can sometimes be a let down. Buyers are often amazed at the difference between reality and the online photos.  What looks great on camera may have been edited to exclude unattractive features both in and outside the home.

Selling agents typically work hard to put their seller’s home in the best possible light to entice Buyers to come in for a look.  Often, they omit the neglected home next door or the shabby condition of a home that is disguised by good lighting and framing.  Many a Buyer has been unhappily surprised by homes that do not live up to the online photos.

A Buyer at a typical first meeting with an Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) will disclose a list of preferences they have mapped out for their ideal home.  Location, size, situation on the lot, neighborhoods, updates on kitchens and baths are just some items on their very specific list.

Seldom does a Buyer have ‘moisture free basement’, ‘solid foundation with level floors’, ‘leak free plumbing’ or ‘sag free roof’ on their list.

That is where the EBA really shines, as buyers who have left traditional agents can attest.  Clients have turned to us, as, their former agent was not pointing out the character flaws in the homes they were viewing and they realized the agent was not working in their best interest to help them become informed and invest wisely in a property with good bones.

A recent Buyer was looking for the exact type of home in the same neighborhoods as a co-worker. They often viewed the same properties within a day or two of one another.  When the Buyer working with Buyers Real Estate Group explained what flaws her agent was pointing out on each home they had seen in common, the other buyer realized she was not getting the same service.  Her agent would just open the doors and ask “What do you think?”  These two buyers had very different experiences!

When you work with a Buyers Real Estate Group agent, we point out the flaws as well as the benefits at a property.  We advise our clients to take off the rose colored glasses and really take a hard look at the property as though you were inspecting it for a friend.  Where Buyers typically might be caught up in the decor and renovations of a property, our agents also look at what wasn’t done, or, what wasn’t done well.

Partnering with your agent can make for a smoother process, sharing the right information as soon as possible can create success stories. Consider watching your list of available homes closely, often a home that has been overpriced and is on the market for close to 30 days can be yours for the price you wish to pay.   One of our Buyers noticed a huge price drop on a property she thought out of her price range late at night and notified her agent at 10pm, so they made an early appointment to fill out paperwork and got the offer to the listing agent first thing the next day.  They had their offer accepted, despite multiple offers, because they were the first to come in with a good offer.  Price isn’t always the only motivator for the seller.

Motivated Buyers make excellent partners with our agents as they are both committed and focused on Buyers’ needs being met.

Your new home is an investment, and, since it can become part of your long term retirement portfolio, you should consider this when approaching buying a new home as cosmetics can sometimes obscure the reality of what is going on in the home.  You may have to spend more time in the search process to find the right one and spend some money on inspections, but, in the end it will be worth it and you will be much more savvy about homes and be able to watch for issues so they don’t become big problems down the road.

Unless you have unlimited funds and time, it’s likely you will end up making some concessions or compromises on your ultimate ‘must have’ list for your new home.  Some buyers start out believing they want more land, or they cannot live without that updated kitchen, when suddenly something comes on their list they never would have considered but satisfies most of the items on their ‘must have’ list.

When the right home comes up, you learn what you will and won’t live without in a home.  And, we are here to help you with our knowledge and resources on an ongoing basis even after you close.  Want a safe bet?  Try us out, we will exceed your expectations!


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