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About Us – The Agents of Buyers Real Estate Group

Renei Schmitz started Buyers Real Estate Group in 1994 as an outcrop of the new movement to protect buyers’ rights in the real estate transaction.  Despite the passing of 20 years since then, real estate transactions in general are still skewed toward the seller, so Exclusive Buyer Agency, or EBA, that was born in the 1980’s and has now spanned to EBA’s all over the US, is still the Buyer’s best protection against Dual Agency in the Metro area of the Twin Cities.  We are agents committed to pursuing the buyer’s best interests and saving them money in every transaction.  Our buyers get full disclosure and lose none of their bargaining tools, as, we share only what is needed to make the transaction work for the buyer.  Your motivation for buying and price preferences are bargaining tools and we use them to work for your benefit.  Freedom from Dual Agency is liberating our buyers to really save big.

Renei began the brokerage with this goal in mind and has assembled a team of experienced agents to help her accomplish this goal.  Ron Jensrud, Claire Bastien and Leone Fisher are agents with a combined total of over 60 years experience with EBA’s and have a real grasp of financing options and how best to save our buyers money.  Our skill at negotiating strong deals has saved our buyers thousands of dollars at each transaction.  We also perform the ultimate in due diligence requesting Radon testing long before Radon became mandatory to disclose and also requesting buyers consider sewer line inspections and other inspections as necessary to ensure that their home will be a safe and healthy home for years to come.  Often, this alone has saved our buyers thousands of dollars.

By keeping our buyers’ goals in mind and looking to safeguard their investment, we often find out information that a traditional buyers agent would not necessarily disclose, so that our buyers can make informed decisions and negotiations.

We work the entire metro area of St Paul and Minneapolis including second and third tier suburbs and often beyond.  Our experience is shared with one another thus giving our buyers the benefit of great experience and the confidence to share information without worry regarding losing their bargaining edge.

We have a comprehensive list of well-vetted lenders, closers, and additional contractors for inspection, design and build along with design help and a key group of plumbers, electricians and other specialists to help you make your repair, renovation and remodeling dreams come true.  Unlike traditional agencies we don’t make any money or get a kickback from our vendors, we use them to ensure our buyers get the best possible service and have an excellent buying experience.  We know if we perform well our buyers will tell their friends and family about us and our business depends on future referrals.  When you win, we win.

Questions about Exclusive Buyer Agency are always answered fully by EBA’s, you cannot expect the same from traditional agents, they usually do not explain fully that Dual Agency is a likelihood and how that affects the disclosure to the buyer and seller.  In effect, dual agency takes away the bargaining tools by not allowing either buyer or seller the information they need to make an informed decision.  Check out the YouTube video from NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.